Starting with January 2, 2019 AIDRom started the TOLERANT project,  the TransnatiOnaL network for Employment integRAtion of womeN vicTims of trafficking.  The general objective of the project is to enhance the integration of third country national women victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in the labour market in Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Romania, and the EU in general, through employment support. More specifically, the project aims at the:

  • Enhanced transnational cooperation and exchange on the integration of women VoT for sexual exploitation in the labour market
  • Enhanced access of women VoT for sexual exploitation to integrated and gender-specific services supporting their access to employment (taking into account the specific needs of the victims of sexual exploitation
  • Increased awareness of employers, recruiters and policy makers and/or other relevant stakeholders on the importance of facilitating access to the labour market for women VoT

The focus of the  action will be on Austria, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania. The first three as destination and transit countries, and the latter two as main countries of origin and, to a lesser extent, of  transit and destination.

By supporting the VoT to take control of their lives and function as autonomously as possible in the host country, re-victimization is reduced, as well as the risk of social exclusion. Women will be able to become more active participants in the host society.

The action is expected to benefit approx.270 third country national women VoT for the purpose of sexual exploitation that will access support services in the partner countries

The overall aim it will also be the benefit of various actors from other EU Member States facing similar challenges. They will be providing support to Vot and combatting THB (NGOs/CSOs social partners refugee migrant and asylum seeker services national and/or local authorities etc.) in the partner countries (and/or other MSs) and will be involved in the transnational network and cooperation which will be maintained and updated for at least 10 years.

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