Asylum seekers and Refugees in Germany – legal framework, actual situation and support from church based and non- governmental organizations in Hamburg and Mecklenburg Vorpommern

11 – 15 February 2019


  1. Silvia Diaconu, social worker – AIDRom Bucharest
  2. Flavius Ilioni Loga, brunc manager – AIDRom Timisoara
  3. Inken Jessen – intern – AIDRom Timisoara

DAY I – 11.02.2019

Asylum system in Germany legal and practical framework with Insa Graef, Fluchtpunkt Hamburg (Counselling Centre)-

Description: In the first meeting we were presented the legal system of asylum in Germany. Germany has 2 types of accommodation for asylum seekers: the first 6 months in reception centers where asylum seekers receive a cooked hot meal and the next 6 months in residential centers or flats where they can cook alone and have a high degree of independence.

DAY II – 12.02.2019

HAJUSOM transnational arts center –Bunker II

Is a talent incubator center for young refugee with dance, art performance, cooking ,writing poetry and groove together with experienced ensemble members. These groups produce performances, music and text that are presented around the region. Furthermore there is a regular mentoring service offered that provides support in all circumstances of life. Hasusom consider migration to be a normal part of human existence.

DAY III – 13.02.2019

Horst State run Asylum Seeker Centre

The Horst Center is located outside of Hamburg, and it’s administrated by a local NGO: Malteser., an operating company having contract with the federal state and offer for migrants , medical care, security and food and integration activities.  This a reception center and provides cooked meals for asylum seekers. There are 3 buildings with rooms, washing machines, common bathrooms, sport rooms, kids rooms, around 600 people are living there. There is also religious spaces for prayer and a small shop where migrants can buy products. Here the Federal State, Department of Migration and Maltese organization (The Maltese are an international Catholic aid organization), are working together.

With regards to  services like cleaning, washing machine ,Malteser company delegate for those jobs the Asylum seeker for small amount of money, if they refuse the federal state will cut from them part of social benefits .

DAY IV – 14.02.2019

Rostock Ökohaus e.V Shelter and central accommodation of Refugees

The NGO administrated shelter provides accommodation to asylum seekers in the second period of asylum accommodation and to the recognized refugees, offering a more independent lifestyle facility. Refugee can cook for themselves and are closer to the city. The apartments respect the German legislation of 6m2 per person. The facility is adapted for persons with disability, there is a special sector for LGBT refuges and there is a sport room for different activity. The center is organized by 10 social workers, male and female that work with case management method in informing the asylum seekers and refugees about their rights, looking for apartments, doctor visits, school, etc.

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