AIDRom Association was established in 1991 as a collaboration between the Orthodox, Calvin Reformed and the Lutheran Church from Romania. Later on the Evangelical Presbyterian and Armenian Church joined the initiative. Our expertise consists of supporting the spiritual development of Romanian society and to help those in need.

img-despreToday, AIDRom operates under 3 regional counseling centers in Romania, offering complex social assistance to vulnerable groups. They also host a safe house for victims of human trafficking and 2 shelters for asylum seekers, which are in strong cooperation with the Romanian governmental authorities. Our staff consist of over 30 employees:  managers, social workers, legal advisers, psychologists, teachers and auxiliary staff.


AIDRom facilitates the common work of Churches on a  theological and social level. AIDRom is involved in fundraising, project processing, monitoring and auditing the implementation of projects and providing advice; AIDRom sometimes implements the projects themselves. AIDRom operates in the following departments:


Education for peace and reconciliation – educational programs, programs for minorities and for human rights.

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Ecumenical Formation

Ecumenical Prayer and Interchurch Aid.

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Interchurch Aid and Development – street children, immigrants, women in church and society, environment and sustainable development, and emergency aid (disaster).

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Our target groups

AIDRom  and partners target groups are:

Marginalized groups: children at risk, people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, victims of human trafficking, unemployed, elderly, economically disadvantaged, migrants, and people with HIV;

Members of non-governmental organizations; rural communities / areas; ethnic and religious groups, with emphasis on the Roma minority; clergy; women in politics and corporate accountability; social workers and assistants;

Civil servants in developing structures of civil society, trade unions and churches; representatives of the authorities, civil servants, officers of organized crime, etc .; teachers, social activists, community leaders; representatives of ethnic communities initiatives; youth and women in church and society.

Church Members

Currently AIDRom has the following members (the year of accession in parentheses):

Romanian Orthodox Church (1991)

Reformed Church C.H. (1991)

Evangelical Church C.A. (1991)

Synodal-Presbyterian Evangelical Church (1994)

Armenian Orthodox Church (1994)

Through the financial support and consultancy recieved, AIDRom created jobs (temporary or permanent), reached stability in community development (economic projects for Roma communities) and developed operative structures of capacity in society (departmental diaconal churches and non-governmental organizations active in various fields). In times of calamities and disasters, our programs were complementary  to the reconstruction effort of central and local authorities, as we were part of constructing houses, bridges, dams, and distributing the aid for direct emergencies.

AIDRom also contributes through lobbying and advocacy to improve legislative initiatives (Equal Opportunities Law, the religious cults law, domestic violence prevention, prevention and eradication of human trafficking, and the Environmental Protection Law).

Currently the headquarters of Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania, AIDRom, are located in Bucharest. Information is also available at the counseling centers operating in Timisoara and Iasi.

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Our annual report

12132 Download here AIDRom Association Activity Report for the year 2012/2013

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