Through the “Assistance and facilities for asylum seekers in Romania. Improving the living standards and  implementing a responsibility of asylum seekers” Project, Reference number: ERF / 11.01-01.02 / 2012 the Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania – AIDRom in partnership with ARCA – Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants, we are offering complex assistance to the asylum seekers in our country. The project is financed through  the European Refugee Fund by the European Union and the General Inspectorate for Immigration from Romania.

The project is being implemented in seven regional centers of accommodation and procedures for asylum seekers, under the authority of General Inspectorate for Immigration from Romania, in Bucharest (2 centers), Timisoara, Radauti, Somcuta Mare, Galati and Giurgiu. Each implementation team in every city is made of a full-time social worker and one Romanian language teacher.

The project provides social counseling for asylum seekers, material assistance by providing food coupons for food and hygiene products as well as medical assistance by accompanying asylum seekers with health problems and financial coverage of any medical treatment. Beneficiaries also can participate in Romanian language courses and cultural exchange sessions about Romania.

Asylum seekers are counseled on how to access the education system in Romania or in any other social direction that is required.

In Timisoara, the project operates an emergency center for asylum seekers, within which there are 15 beds for vulnerable asylum seekers. It offers modern living conditions (access to kitchen, bathroom, courtyard, outbuildings)as well as safety and quietness: the location in a quiet part of town and makes the beneficiaries accommodated in our shelter to feel safe.

Total project value is 868,654.40 Ron ( 130.000 EUR ) and the funding sources are: 75% of the funds are provided by the European Commission, 20% of the are funds provided from the national budget, 5% is the financial contribution of our organization.

The implementation period is for 3 years: 05.07.2012 – 30.06.2015

Management team:

Manager: Elena Timofticiuc – AIDRom                    Coordinator: Jeff Samoila – ARCA               Assistant Project: Catalina Niculescu  – AIDRom    

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The address of the regional centers of accommodation and procedures for asylum seekers, under the authority of General Inspectorate for Immigration from Romania:



Str. Vasile Stolnicul, nr. 15, bl. 13, sector 2, Bucuresti
Telefon: 021–240 84 27
Fax: 021–240 85 10

Str. Tudor Gociu, nr.24A, sct.4, Bucuresti
Telefon: 021-4501134



Bulevardul 1907, judetul GIURGIU
Telefon :0246 – 215056
Fax: 0246 – 215055


Str. Savinesti nr.2, Galati, judetul GALATI
Telefon :0236 – 323878
Fax: 0236 – 323884


Str. Perilor nr.2, Radauti, judetul SUCEAVA
Telefon :0230 – 564462; 0230 – 564463
Fax: 0230 – 564464
E-mail: cradauti.ori@


Str. Cetatii nr.1A, Somcuta Mare, judetul MARAMURES
Telefon :0262 – 280004
Fax: 0262 – 280004


Str. Armoniei nr.33, Timisoara, judetul TIMIS
Telefon :0256-421240
Fax: 0256-421240
E-mail: ctimisoara.ori@