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Already a number of enterprises in the field of the social economy sector in Baden-Württemberg face a shortage of skilled personnel. Since most of the employed are in the age group of 45-55 years, the labor turnover will increase significantly over the next ten years. At the same time, school enrollment figures will significantly decrease over the next few years. In 2030,  the students enrolled in the general school system will decrease by 25% and the competition for junior staff will become more aggressive. Projections show, that the demand for care services will increase. The current scenario of future growth figures do vary, however, it is a given that the need for more care services will result in the need for more nursing staff. 

All in all, tGRAFICA3his will have a heavy impact on the working conditions for employees as well as the quality of the services of social service organizations. To overcome this, geriatric care facilities in Baden-Württemberg will need a greater number of additional skilled personnel from other countries.

To Baden-Württemberg’s benefit, there are a number of skilled personnel in different European countries, who are unemployed and may be willing to migrate to Germany for a job in the social economy sector. This is possible because nurses from European countries receive professional recognition for their education, which is a prerequisite to work as a nurse in Germany.  Therefore, we are looking for a partner in a neighboring EU country.  Romania should be willing to participate in a project to ease the way for nurses and organizations to get in touch with Germany, and ensure the nurses are employed under fair working conditions.

This project is planned for small and medium sized enterprises which do not have the necessary resources to recruit foreign personnel themselves. Therefore, the enterprises will join a network in a certain region of Baden-Württemberg. Together the enterprises interested in employing foreign nurses must employ 10-15 nurses.  Only then will a placement of nurses in this region be carried out.

Project Activities:

In Germany
• PR activities in Germany to find suitable jobs
• Compilation of networks in various regions
• Signing contracts
• Compilation of profiles
• Support of enterprises
In Romania
• Search for qualified nurses
• Inform about duties in the field of care for the elderly in Germany
• Train nurses in the German language up to A2
• Support for nurses with compiling CVs
In close cooperation between Germany and Romania
• Matching
• Skype interviews
• Internship
• Signing of contracts
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Project Aims:
– Small enterprises in Baden-Württemberg / Germany, find skilled personnel in Romania, to compensate existing staff shortages.
– Nurses from Romania have obtained suitable jobs in Baden-Württemberg under fair working conditions.
Project Objectives:
– Build up networks of enterprises, working in the field of geriatric care, in a specified region of Baden-Württemberg, not more than 50km apart from each other
– Find Romanian nurses willing to work in Germany, which have the chance of an automatic recognition of their degree
– Preparing the enterprises to integrate the new staff members
– Preparing the nurses for their life and work in Germany, especially in the field of geriatric care
– Accompany enterprises and nurses in the process of integration
Implementation Period:
April 2016 – January 2017
Target Group:
– Up to 20 small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of geriatric care
– 10-20 Romanian nurses, planning to work as nurse for the elderly in Germany
If you are looking for a job in elderly caregiving and have a nurse degree and you are interested in applying for the program please contact us here:
Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania-AIDRom
Address: Bucharest, Str. Halmeu no. 12, Sector 2, Romania
Tel: + / Fax: +
Counseling Center for persons at risk AIDRom Timisoara
Address: Timisoara, Str. Gherghe Sincai, Nr. 9 jud. Timis – Romania
Tel: +4.0256.217.096 / 0757.049.902
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