The project I4P Romania – Establishing the infrastructure for alternative practices in solving conflicts inside the Romanian society” is a project, nationally promoted by the Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania – AIDRom.

The project meet the acute but also historical needs regarding peace building into the Romanian society.

The project responded to more pressing needs from civil society for intervention in situations of violence and conflict, to develop capacity for synergy in conflict transformation activities, through building the I4P Romania Network and make it operational, and to transfer to civic organizations the ability and the know-how to operate with Restorative Practices and develop a culture of Restorative Justice and Peace Building.

The objectives of this project were as following:

1. Developing the capacity for complex analysis of conflict, for efficient design interventions dialogue, mediation, conflict transformation, and for reconciliation through Restorative Practices;

2. Strengthening the capacity of NGOs to address various types of conflicts;

3. Develop advocacy capacity in recognizing at political level the importance of creating Infrastructure for Peace (I4P);

4. Establish Romania Chapter of International I4P.

All objectives have been met during the implementation period.


The first infrastructure project for peace in Central Europe is implemented in Romania.

The purpose is to analyze the perpetually tense situation on a societal level about the evolution of both global and local conflicts.  To find synergy but also diversification, evaluating accelerated dynamics of conflicts in different social registers.  Romania is one of the few EU countries which does not have a peace organized interdisciplinary infrastructure and that must change.

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For more information related to the project, please contact:

Mihail Brinzea, Project Manager


Phone: +40.751179270 / +40.764869996

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