Resettlement is a durable solution for refugees and a vital instrument of international solidarity and responsibility shared between countries in terms of refugee protection. Relocation is the selection and transfer of refugees from countries of first asylum, which do not benefit from effective protection and where local integration is not possible, in another country. When life is in danger for refugees in the asylum country or can not integrate into this country, and voluntary repatriation is not possible, resettlement in a safe country is the only solution.

According to coperta-ra-web-page-001statistics provided by UNHCR, in 2013, in Turkey were a total of 24,320 refugees. According to the source, the war remains the main cause of this phenomenon, 55% of the total number of refugees coming from just five countries affected by war: Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria and Sudan.

40 of these refugees of Iraqi origin, were selected and resettled in Romania, 20 in Bucharest and 20 in Timisoara, being part of the “Facilitating the integration and development of skills for independent living of refugees, resettled in Timisoara, by creating a network of local support” Project, “Reference Number: ERF / 13.01- 03.01 ;. The project is implemented by Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania – AIDRom in partnership with Asociation Serviciul Apel and provides integration and support to 20 Iraqi refugees resettled from Turkey in Timisoara, Romania.

The project is financed trough the European Refugee Fund by the European Union and the General Inspectorate for Immigration from Romania.

The overall objective of the project is providing counseling and assistance services for socio-economic aspects, facilitating integration and creating a support network to assist refugees, resettled in the town of Timisoara. The aim of the project is the implementation of complex working methods to increase the level of integration of beneficiaries by creating operational leverage in the community where they will live.

The project takes place in Timisoara during the implementation period: 04/24/2014 – 30/06/2015. The project offers social services as counseling, accompaniment, labor market access, material assistance (payment of accommodation, food, clothing, medical services) and Romanian language courses and cultural exchange. The refugee children and adults receive specialized psychological care.

Total Value of the project is: 353,458.20 RON ( 78.000 EUR )  sources of financing are: 75% of the funds are provided by the European Commission, 20% of the funds are provided from the national budget, 5% are provided by AIDRom.

The project implementation team consists of: Manager: Catalina Niculescu – (AIDRom), Coordinator: Oana Talos – (Serviciul Apel), Social Worker: Georgiana Palcu, Teacher: Maria Luiza Mohamed, Psychologist: Simona ILION – Loga and Lawyer: Catalina Catuti

Activities within the project:

Assessment meeting in Timisoara with the beneficiaries of the project and the implementation team – April 7, 2015

Projection of Romanian film about migration in AIDRom Center Timisoara – April 1, 2015


Multicultural Night on Romanian Traditions and Customs  around Easter – March 27, 2015

Rights and obligations of persons with a form of protection in Romania

– To choose their place of residence and circulate freely, under the conditions set by law for foreigners;

– Be employed, to exercise unpaid activities, exercise freelance professions and to carry out legal acts, conduct acts and acts of trade, including independent economic activities under the same conditions as Romanian citizens;

– To transfer their goods they introduced in Romania on the territory of other countries for latter resettlement;

– Receive the most favorable treatment provided by law for foreign nationals in respect of the acquisition of movable and immovable property;

– To benefit from intellectual property protection, under the law;

– To benefit from social insurance, social welfare measures and health insurance, as provided by law for Romanian citizens;

– Have access to all forms of education, as provided by law for Romanian citizens;

Download here the complete document on the rights and obligations of persons with a form of protection in Romania:



Puppetry for refugee children from Iraq, at the Merlin Theatre in Timisoara – March 21, 2015


Christmas Concert and tasting traditional Romanian winter dishes  – December 19, 2015

Institutions of interest to resettled refugees

General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) – Centrul Regional de Cazare si Proceduri pentru Solicitanţii de Azil – TIMISOARA, Adresa: Str. Armoniei nr.33, Timișoara, județul TIMIȘ, Telefon: 0256.421.240 / Fax: 0256.421.240 / E-mail: ctimisoara.ori@

Child and Social Protection Agency Timis, Adress: Piaţa Regina Maria nr.3 cod.300004 Timisoara, Telefon: 0256- 490281, 0256-494030 / Fax: 0256-407066, E-mail: / Web:

AJPIS Timis, Adress: Strada Florimund de Mercy nr. 2, Timisoara, CP 300085, jud. Timis

County School Inspectorate Timis, Adress: Bulevardul Constantin Diaconovici Loga 3, Timișoara 300020 / Telefon: 0256. 305.799

UNHCR România, Adress: UN House, Bd. Primaverii 48A, sector 1, 011975 Bucuresti, România
Telefon: + 40 21 201 7872 / 73 / Fax: + 40 21 210 1594, E-mail:

Asociation SERVICIUL APEL Timisoara, Adress: Str. Take Ionescu, nr. 51, biroul 2, Cod Postal 300016, Timisoara, jud. Timis, Tel/Fax: 0040/ 256.498.869 / E-mail:

AIDROM Timisoara, Adress: Str. Gheorghe Sincai, Nr. 9, Telefon: 0256.217.096, E-mail: /

Participation in Ruga Banateana: Romanian dances and costumes – October 12, 2014

Visit to the Zoo Timisoara – September 24, 2014


Exhibition of traditional Romanian and arabic dishes at AIDRom Center – August 8, 2014


Photo Gallery

Accommodation services for 20 Iraqi refugees, relocated in Timisoara

Also AIDRom – Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania in partnership with APEL Service is implementing the project “Accommodation services for 20 Iraqi refugees, relocated in Timisoara”

Budget line European Refugee Fund / Reference number: ERF / 13.02, for a period of 9 months.

The overall objective of the project is the integration of foreigners who obtained a form of protection in Romania through the accommodation of 20 Iraqis transferred to Timisoara in a relocation operation.

Due to the relocation of the refugees who have already lived in an environment where their assimilation and integration was difficult and hard, these people reach Romania with many needs: material needs, not knowing the language and culture of the country of origin where they will be transfer, lack of prospects because of ignorance of a system functioning in the origin country.

Since the specific objective of the project is to facilitate their integration into the host society, a very important element for achieving it is to provide a decent standard of life, namely the accommodation and payment of utilities.

Buget: 75.941,10 RON ( 17.000 EUR )

Support for social integration of beneficiaries of a form of protection in Romania

Budget line European Refugee Fund

Reference number: ERF / 13.06

The overall objective of this project proposal is the granting of material assistance services, medical and recreational activities aimed to facilitate the social integration of beneficiaries with a form of protection in Romania.

Specific objectives: The specific objectives of the project are outlined in 3 parts:

Material assistance to cover basic needs of the beneficiaries- to purchase food, clothing, supplies, etc.

Healthcare. For beneficiaries of a form of protection, through financial support, offering the specialized services in cases of real need or urgent, such as dentistry, orthopedics, gastroenterology, dermatology etc . This will also result in basic costs of emergency treatment in situations other than those in imminent life threatening, chronic diseases etc.

Recrectiv-cultural activities. Will host a camp for 5 nights, for beneficiaries.

We believe that the activities proposed for implementation by fulfilling with priority the needs of the refugees could be an important step in the realization and successful completion of the complex process of integration. These measures contribute on the one hand to reduce vulnerability and social risk of exclusion and also to encourage beneficiaries to accommodate and find determination to live in the Romanian society .

Integration as legal process is a condition of successful realization of the three dimensions: economic, social and cultural, and consists in offering progressive, by the host State, the rights of refugees, through family unity, and finally obtaining residency citizenship.

Integrating refugees is a tool of international protection and in consideration of the assumption that they will remain permanently in the country of asylum, where they get acces to a new life, it is a process of dynamic change in two directions: training and availability required from refugees to adapt to specific host society, and an adaptation of the host society and its institutions to the needs of refugees.

Photo gallery of the summer camp for Iraqi refugees resettled from Turkey to Timisoara