Integrated Services for Asylum seekers and refugees from Romania.

Financing Partner: Bread for the World, Berlin, Germany

The project aims to improve the situation of asylum seekers and refugees in Romania, with the focus on Bihor and Timis county, by promoting a system of social assistance and additional material and specialized services in order to increase the standard of living of asylum seekers in Romania, as well as to strenghten the church network structure in order to develop activities in the field of migration by taking as partners church NGOs.

Also, the project proposes is to expand and strengthen the interdiciplinary network created in the previous project, network formed from the representatives of the central and local institutions, church diaconal centers and representatives of the foreign investors in Romania, organizations which can provide support to the refugees, volunteers, interculturali mediators, representatives of the host, representatives of the private environment business/etc that should be involved in the integration process.