Through the Project “Advice and assistance to aliens subject to a return decision under escort”, the reference number: 13.01.-03.03.01 RF, The Romanian National Council for Refugees – CNRR and Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania – AIDRom are conducting a series of activities for illegally staying aliens who received a return decision under escort from Romania .

They receive counseling, material assistance, and appropriate services to the particular circumstances in which they are in, in accordance with national and EU low in particular Directive no. 115/2008 / EC.

In the project, Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania – AIDRom offers a range of services for migrants subject to a return decision, but not for those in the detention centers in Romania.  These services are; information and advice, access to emergency health care, direct assistance to the foreigners by providing food coupons, accommodation in a council flat, offering installation package for strict necessity products, hygiene products, shoes and clothing depending on individual needs, and participation in cultural-educational and leisure activities.

For more information on the tolerating procedure in Romania, visit the Immigration office in Romania.

To review national legislation on aliens subject to a return decision under escort, click here.


Project value:

The project is financed trough the European Return Fund by the European Union and the General Inspectorate for Immigration in Romania, and is coordinated by the National Council for Refugees – CNRR.  Total Value: 578,188.25 lei sources of financing of 75% of the funds provided by the European Commission, 20% of the funds provided from the national budget, and 5% beneficiary contribution.

What is tolerance:

If you are a foreigner, you do not have Romanian citizenship of another member state of the European Union or European Economic Area or Swiss Confederation citizenship and no longer have the right to stay in Romania and from objective reasons you can not leave national territory, the General Inspectorate for Immigration can grant the tolerance status in Romania.

Implementation period: 29.07.2014 – 30.06.2015

Rights and Obligations

Rights of the illegally staying migrants who are not objective to detention, are:
– The right to be issued a document for tolerance status;
– The right to have access to the labor market, as provided by law for Romanian citizens; the right to work ceases in all situations where law ends tolerance status;
– The right to free education for minors;
– The right to appeal the refusal of toleration status on the territory of Romania within 5 days of communication, to the territorial competent court of appeal; The court shall provide a decision within 30 days, the court decision is final.

Obligations of the illegally staying migrants who are not objective to detention, are:
 – To present itself regularly, at an interval of 60 days or whenever it is called to the territorial units of the General Inspectorate for Immigration from Romania which granted toleration status;
– To notify any change of residence;
– To respect the territorial validity of toleration;
– To leave the Romanian territory in case of ceasing of the reasons for which toleration was granted;
– Have permanently the documents of tolerance status;
– Not to sell the document of tolerance status;
– To submit to competent authorities the document of tolerance status when it is requested;
– To announce the Immigration Inspectorate about the theft, loss, destruction or damage of the document of tolerance status, within 5 days from such a situation; The authority will issue a new document to replace the stolen, lost, damaged, destroyed.

In case the migrant does not fulfill these obligations under the present legislation, the measure of detention may be ordered against the migrant.

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