The NiCeR project had a two-year objective that started in December 2015.  Its aim is empowering refugee youth through performing arts workshops as well as fostering a welcoming culture and intercultural education through awareness campaigns in the cities where they live.

30 young refugees and locals will come together, create and perform a musical, based on their personal stories and the testimonies of their families.  On top of the crLogo nicereative workshop, language classes and cross-cultural training will provide them the tools they need to understand each other and be part of the city where they live.

The project takes place in Timisoara and is replicated in 6 European partner cities: Rome, Brussels, Sevilla, Berlin, Liverpool and Nicos.

Target group: in each partner city, 15 refugees and 15 non-refugees between 9 and 25 years old

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  • Creative writing and theater workshop: 4 months, 4 hours/week, guided by a theater instructor: intercultural icebreakers to get to know each others, writing the screenplay, dialogues, songs of the musical, acting and performing class: distribution of roles, rehearsals, choreography, create costumes, set up the scenery, lights, sound and props
  • Language and cross-cultural training: 4 months, 2 hours/week, guided by a language teacher: locals share songs and stories from their country with the refugees through role Play
  • Production of a transeuropean documentary on the project
  • Awareness campaign in primary and secondary schools in the Timisoara area.

 Project Objectives:

  • Strengthen youth participation in cultural and social life at the local level
  • Develop their creativity, self-esteem and socialisation
  • Empower and give a voice to young refugees
  • Promote exchanges and friendships between refugees and locals
  • Promote tolerance and mutual respect
  • Provide a creative space and languages skills
  • Go beyond stereotypes

European Partners

  • CIOFS – Lead Partner (IT)
  • Alfea Cinematografica Pisa (IT)
  • MCCS Commune de Molenbeek (BE)
  • IIT Bucharest (RO)
  • RARe Studio Liverpool (UK)
  • Citizens for Europe (DE)
  • KISA Cyprus (CY)
  • Pluralis ASBL (BE)
  • Fundaciòn Juventud y Cultura (ES)

This project is financed by European Commision



Phase 1: January-September 2016
-During 4 transnational meetings, the European partner organisations develop the methodology, prepare the workshops,  define the monitoring and evaluate tools used.
-Selection of the local teams: coordinators, theater instructors, and language teachers
-Establish collaboration with local partners: schools, refugees centers, NGOs, cultural and social district centers, and local authorities
Phase 2: September-December 2016
-Selection of the young participants recruited in partnership with schools, refugees centers, NGOs, cultural and social district centers.
Phase 3: January-Mai 2017
-Implementation of the creative workshops and the language and cross-cultural training
-Transational meeting of the European partner organisations
-Shooting of the documentary: workshops and interviews with the participants
-Final performance: presentation of the musical in each partner city
Phase 4: June-November 2017
-Final evaluation of the project: final report
-Editing of the documentary
-Transnational meeting of the European partner organisations: final press conference
-Awareness campaign: presenting the film, educational videos, and publications to the schools, media, and local authorities

Transnational meetings of the partners

January 27, 2016:  Opening Meeting of the project – Rome, Italy

March 15, 2016: Transnational meeting – Brussels, Belgium

June 22 – 23, 2016: Transnational meeting – Nicosia, Ciprus

October 05 – 06, 2016: Transnational meeting – Berlin, Germany

Project presentation for refugees in Timisoara

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