We are preventing human trafficking. We are offering counseling and social integration for victims of human trafficking and fighting the phenomenon by prevention and training for authorities. 

presentation15The project “An informed person is a protected person – prevention  against human trafficking through labor exploitation” is implemented in partnership with Platform EURES Romania and Diakonie Wurttemberg Germany.

The project organizes seminars – round tables with representatives of SENSE network, representatives of churches, government representatives (National Agency against Human Trafficking, Ministry of Labour, EURES platform) and unions, on preventing trafficking through labor exploitation. During the meetings, information are shared on gender migration risks, vulnerable groups of people being trafficked, forced labor, social inclusion for victims of trafficking and prevention campaigns on THB phenomenon.

The project also offers individual and group counseling for vulnerable persons and / or trafficked persons. The counseling sessions are held at Bucharest and Timisoara with qualified and experienced personnel in the field of human trafficking. We also organizes support groups for victims of trafficking to overcome the suffered traumas.

As well as prevention campaigns are organized with vulnerable groups as rural area pupils. The prevention sessions are conducted in a fun and attractive way, using video presentation, statistics, games and contests.

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An important aspect of the project is the group of third country nationals in Bucharest and Timisoara, AIDRom Office has experience in their integration in Romania, among which there was identified a high level of migration towards EU for work. These migrant foreign citizens need advice for preventing the traffic situations, in particular through labor exploitation.

Emergency Accommodation for victims of human trafficking 

Since May 2015 AIDRom operates a safe house for victims of human trafficking. The safe house can host up to 8 people at the time. The victims that are accommodated are referred by The National Agency against Human Trafficking from Romania. Within the services provided for the accommodated victims are: social and psychological counseling, support groups, activities for the development of abilities for a independent life, labor services, getting educational  serices, etc. 

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Project Management Team:

Manager: Elena Timofticiuc

Social Workers: Catalina Niculescu ( Bucuresti ) Simona Loga, Flavius Ilioni (Timisoara )




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Prevention Campaigns against human trafficking in Romania






Human Traficking Prevention Activities

Music Concert against human trafficking – prevention trough art.

The European Day Against Human Trafficking 18th October, 2016 was marked in Timisoara by a music concert held within the main University from the city. The event was organised by National Agency Against Human Trafficking Timisoara and more then 100 people participated. At the event were invited and third country citizens and refugees that are part of AIDRom integration programs.   

Dissemination Event against human trafficking in Lugoj

AIDRom was part of the National Agency Against Human Trafficking in Romania, prevention campaign called ” Love should not transform you in a slave”.  The event took place on 18th August in children orphanage in Lugoj. The main theme of the campaign was fighting the “Love Boy” method of recruiting victims, a method often meet in Romania. 

Justice Cup 2016 – Prevention trough sports

The event took place on 11th June 2016 and brought together more then 150 vulnerable groups youngster from Timis district, some from rural areas some from special needs education institutions. Trough football, games and fun activities they found out more about the human trafficking phenomenon and ways to protect themselves and other.

Human trafficking prevention at Timisoara Airport

On 5th November 2015 a prevention campaign trough leaflets distribution was held in the local airport in Timisoara.  The event was organised in collaboration with National Agency Against Human Trafficking Timisoara and aimed to reach more then 160 pasangers flying to Spain, from Timisoara. They were informed especially regarding work exploitation methods. 

“Break the Slavery Chain” Prevention Campaign

On 22th October 2015 AIDRom staff in collaboration with National Agency Against Human Trafficking Timisoara implemented a prevention campaign in rural village in western Romania, Biled. Leaflets were distributed on the streets as well a information session with 30 pupils from the local High School. The campaign is implemented from October to December 2015, in 3 distriscts: Timis, Arad si Caras Severin.

Prevention Campaign ” The Invisible Girl”

More then 300 pupils from 2 high schools from Timis district took part in May 2016 in a prevention campaign organised by National Agency Against Human Trafficking Timisoara. The students, aged from 14 to 18 years old, were informed in a creative and interactive way about the human trafficking danger and means of prevention. 

Human trafficking prevention in school, 2014

More then 200 pupils from 2 cities from Timis distric ( Deta and Denta ) were part on  21 November 2014 , in a prevention campaign agasint human traficking.  


Empowering local authoritarians in prevention human traficking

Targeting the local Police and Social Services from a local city, in the western side of Romania ( Jimbolia ) AIDRom staff  in collaboration with National Agency Against Human Trafficking in Romania, brought information on human trafficking and means of prevention. Also leaflets were distributed on the streets of the town and a prevention meeting with pupils within the local High School. 


Prevention in a  Special Needs Educational Institution in Timisoara 

A meeting with young students with special needs from a local school in Timisoara, was held in February 2014 for preventing human trafficking. In a accesible and interactive languange, the childreen were tought how to deal with issues, who to trust and when to ask for help.