Assisting the integrating of third country nationals in  Romania

Through the project “Promoting the third country nationals in Romania and efficient solutions in order to integrate them in the Romanian society. “Reference Number: IF 11.01-02.01 / 2012 Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania – AIDRom (partner) in partnership with ARCA – Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants (beneficiary) provides social assistance for the integration of third country nationals – citizens from outside the EU and have the legal right to stay in Romania

The project is financed trough the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals from the European Union and the General Inspectorate for Immigration in Romania.

The overall objective is to facilitate the integration of third country nationals (TCNs) with the right to stay in Romania trough assisting them in  socio-educational activities and promoting and improving their image in the Romanian society.

The project is being conducted in three locations in Romania: Bucharest, Timisoara and Iasi. The project offers social services counseling,   accompaniment, facilitating labor market access, material assistance (paying accommodation costs, family reunification taxes and medical services costs) and Romanian language courses and cultural exchange. The improvement of the Romanian society regarding third country citizens project is made trough extensive national media campaign to sensitize civil society on the target group.

Each location employs a social workers and Romanian Teacher.

In Bucharest there is a Migrants Club – an action that brings together migrants from the Romanian capital to social activities but also learning about Romanian culture, sport activities, competitions, visits to museums, etc.

Project management team:

Manager: Razvan Samoila
Coordinator: Elena Timofticiuc
Assistant Project: Iulian Sandu


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