Project: Rights at Work – Tackling labor exploitation in all economic sectors

Funding from Dutch Ministry Foreign Affairs and run by the organisation La Strada,

3 partner countries: Poland (LS Poland and Association for legal intervention), Romania (AIDRom) and Bulgaria (Animus/LS Bulgaria)

Dutch partners: LSI, SOMO and FairWork (TIE)

Project period: 1 Sept 2016 – 31 August 2018

The project aims to contribute to prevent and address labor rights infringements and exploitation (including severe forms of labor exploitation as human trafficking and forced labor) in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania by:

– Improving the rights situation on the ground by increasing knowledge of the context of exploitation and role of businesses therein

– By building the capacity of workers, trade unions and anti-trafficking and human rights NGOs in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania to address cases of labour exploitation; through better identification of cases of exploitation in all economic sectors in their countries and the use of grievance mechanisms to seek remedy.


1. Awareness-raising and capacity building among trade unions and labour organisations for alternative methods of organising in sectors in which precarious working conditions and low levels of labour organisation prevail, in order to strengthen workers to claim their rights, including improved referral of cases to labour inspections and anti-trafficking referral mechanism.

2. Awareness-raising and capacity-building among anti-trafficking and other NGOs to help them identify cases of trafficking for labour exploitation, and increased information exchange and referrals of cases of exploitation between relevant stakeholders, such as labour inspectorates, trade unions and relevant NGOs (migrant and women’s organisations)

The activities of the project are focused on:

1. Identifying priority sectors and needs of NGOs and trade unions with regard to tackling exploitation and the role of business in the national context (see training sessions).

2. Training sessions  – on labour exploitation, trafficking of human beings and the role of the trade union and other organisations

3. Local seminars and Local stakeholders meetings

4. Mapping research – Production of 1 research report with testimonies, analysis of relevant human rights framework & recommendations.



Project Management Team:

Manager: Elena Timofticiuc









AIDRom Bucuresti
Adress: Bucuresti Str. Ilarie Chendi, Nr. 14, Sector 2, Romania
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