AIDRom, Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania, is implementing a project of legal counseling entitled “Legal Advice for asylum seekers in Romania “.  The project addresses asylum seekers in Romania for a period of 6 months. The project is implemented in partnership with the Romanian National Council for Refugees CNRR and is funded by the General Inspectorate for Immigration from Romania through AMIF Fund.
The objective of the project is to promote and defend human rights among Imagerefugees and asylum seekers in Romania. To fulfill this mission, AIDRom provides specialized counseling and legal assistance for asylum seekers in special situations (vulnerable cases). Accommodations are provided in two of AIDRom’s centers; Timisoara and Bucharest. The project is conducted at the national level in collaboration with CNRR.  More specifically, they have 6 centers for accommodation and legal processing for asylum seekers in Romania.  These centers are located in Bucharest, Timisoara, Giurgiu, Galaţi, Şomcuta and Radauti.

The main project activities are:
1. Counseling and specialized legal assistance for asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection whose situation are reassessed
2. Specific trained lawyers / legal advisors and interpreters involved in the asylum process
3: Ensured efficient visibility of the project throughout its deployment
4: Activities related to project coordination

If you are seeking asylum in Romania or know of an asylum seeker who needs free legal counsel, you can contact us at:
AIDRom Bucharest: Catalina Catuti, legal adviser – 021 212.07.98 /
AIDRom Timisoara: Maria Mares, legal adviser – 0256.217.096 /

March 2016: Debate on legislative issues, jurisprudential and relevant practice for the asylum procedure at Sinaia, Romania

From 22 – 25 March, 2016, a seminar was held in Sinaia, Romania on the theme “Debate on legislative issues, jurisprudential and relevant practice for the asylum procedure”, during which representatives of state institutions and non-governmental organizations acted together and implemented national projects under the Migration, Asylum and Integration Fund – FAMI, where they came together.

There were present representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs – General Inspectorate for Immigration, Asylum and Integration Division, CNRR- Romanian National Council for Refugees, AIDRom-Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania, and UNHCR Romania – The United Nations Refugee Agency in Romania. The new legislative changes adopted by Law no. 331 / 24.12.2015 and implementing rules issued on 25.01.2016, IMG_20160323_141024was due to Romania’s commitments to align internal law to European legislation were discussed.

Practical issues arising from the implementation of new legal rules, case law, former cases in the context of the migration wave that Europe is facing today were presented and discussed.  Namely, the relevant decisions of the European Court of Justice of the European Union. Legislative proposals were made.

AIDRom’s legal advisors attended the meeting; Catuti Catalina (from Bucharest) and Maria Mares (from Timisoara), to provide specialized legal assistance for asylum seekers, vulnerable people staying in AIDRom centers from Bucharest and Timisoara.

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The Project “Specialized legal assistance for asylum seekers in Romania” is funded through the budget line: Fund Asylum, Migration and Integration and its reference number is FAMI / 15.01.01.

The total project value is 543,005.74 lei sources of financing are 75% of the funds provided by the European Commission, 20% of funds provided from the national budget, 5% are beneficiary contributions.

The implementation period is 6 months: 12.12.2015- 06.11.2016

Management team:

Manager: Nicholas Carcu / CNRR

Coordinator: Catalina Niculescu / AIDRom

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