AIDRom, partnered with the National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons, Mission Link International, and 5 high schools in Timis district of the implementation of the Justice Cup. The event’s aim was to provide prevention information and awareness on human trafficking for young vulnerable students through sport. The event took place in Timisoara, on June 11th, 2016 at Lyceum Iris between 09:00-13:00.

The Justice Cup consisted of 7 football teams competing in a tournament for a trophy, sports activities (badminton, archery, tug of war, painting, face painting), and competitions (football juggling, football tricks, and a human trafficking prevention quiz) that brought together over 150 young people from Timis county. The day included human trafficking prevention via: presentations, informative flyers and T-shirts to raise awareness.

Leonidas sponsored the event, providing chocolates as prizes for the winners of the competitions throughout the day.

Teams in Attendance:

  • Iris Lyceum Timisoara
  • Special Technological High Gheorghe Atanasiu Timisoara
  • Lyceum Buzias
  • Lyceum “Vlad The Impaler” Timisoara
  • Timisoara Economic College
  • Debora Giarmata House (girls team)
  • Real Timisoara (girls team)


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